"I know nothing about this industry. What I do know is, the people I've met
in the industry are extremely unreliable and unprofessional. PRC is the opposite.
Very capable, straight forward, honest, user friendly, supportive and very nice guys.

My vision for HEKA Energy Drink is to work with partners that I want to be
successful with me. I want us all to make money and have fun.

Maybe its more of a "thank you" than a testimonial, but I really appreciate
how you've supported me, made introductions, and steer me in the right

HEKA Energy Drink


"PRC has been a stratic partner of ours for several yesars. They have provided consistent quality and attention to detail. One key for us as we evaluated various potential suppliers was their flexibility and ability to meet our growing needs. They have been willing to invest to expand their capabilities to meet the needs of customers. PRC management has worked with our team very closely to meet our sometimes difficult lead times as our sales have grown. I truly feel that PRC is a great strategic partner with Liv, and I look forward to continued growth together."

Jeff Tuttle, CEO
Liv International


"We have been using PRC to do projects for us for several years now and are very happy with their service. The quality of their service. The quality of their work and timely manner in producing the end product is a great help to us. Roger and Patrick also add  a personl touch to the bueinss.s Rdmond is prod to have them as one of our partners."

DelVon Julander
Redmond Incorporated